Photography by Z Media

For this beautiful Indian wedding, we combined pastels and brights, one of my favorite ways to create an interesting color palette. Blending together lavender with deep pink and lime green, with just a hint of bling, and adding a “jungle” edge to it all, we achieved a really unique overall design. For the one-of-a-kind mandap, I designed a large, open-fronted structure, to which we added vines, peonies, orchids, greens, and crystal strands to give it an “overgrown, enchanted jungle” feel, and added several matching 9’ tall arcs to line the aisle. The room was lighted in pale lavender for the two hour ceremony, after which the room was flipped to accommodate the reception. The mandap became the backdrop to an elaborate head table that also reflected the modern jungle vibe. Huge centerpieces with oversized tropical leaves and dripping with orchids and roses visually anchored the enormous ballroom space, and long tables with 9’ long branch centerpieces added even more interest to the room. Lighting on the walls was changed to deep pink, and a lavender breakup pattern was added to the ceiling to create interest.

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