Stan Hywet Gala

Photography by Mark Christoff

Helping to raise funds for what is considered the finest example of Tudor Revival architecture in the country, the Stan Hywet Gala is one of the area’s most prestigious annual events. Usually a rather “garden-themed” event, I wanted turn the design on its ear a little and give it my own look. Using base colors of lime green and raspberry pink, we created pieces that were very structured and architectural. Using tall vases with orchids submerged inside, we arranged streamlined bundles of flowers that lain sideways, out of water, across the tops of the vases, and arranged others in layers in low, square trays with orange and hot pink crushed glass. Two large “tentacle” blowups were suspended from the ceiling of the 600 guest tent, while below, the dance floor was flanked by live dancers in spandex flower costumes that opened and closed like real flowers in time to the music.

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