Emmitt Smith HOF Induction Party

Photography by Genevieve Nisly

 I was both determined and hopeful that I would get to do Emmitt Smith’s Induction Reception after having done both Mr. Aikman’s and Mr. Irvin’s events, so when I got the call that “Emmitt Smith would like to meet with you immediately”, I jumped at the chance. Through many in-person and phone meetings with Emmitt, his lovely wife, and his planner, I designed an event in cobalt blue, chrome, and white for his big day. Three huge centerpieces with very long pheasant feathers on mirrored pedestals rose up through groupings of beautiful white leather furniture, and three of our large custom bars flanked the sides of the tent. We flew in the amazing lighting company, ARPI, from Miami, to create a dynamic lighting show in deep cobalt blues, and a VIP lounge area was placed near the silver and white hand-painted dance floor, flanked by long, winding ottomans and several cafe tables.

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